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  • Summer Camp 8 – 12 years

    Laughter, fun, sunshine, new friends and awesome outdoor activities

    all with other kids who also have Type 1 Diabetes!


    Summer Camp is for kids aged 9-11 years and runs in early January each year. Summer Camp is run by DYA Volunteers and Starship Medical Professionals, with Youth Leaders along to help out. Places are limited to 40 kids each year.

    Location YMCA Shakespear Lodge

    Dates – 11th – 14th January 2021

    • Summer Camp is a fantastic chance for kids with Type 1 Diabetes to safely go away on an active outdoor camp without their parents.
    • Their diabetes care is looked after by Starship doctors and nurses.
    • The kids get to meet others with Type 1 Diabetes and build up a support network of friends.
    • They get to be in an environment where everyone is checking blood sugars, injecting insulin and treating lows.
    • Kids get to try new activities and have fun being active and outdoors.
    • Many of the Youth Leaders have Type 1 Diabetes themselves and act as mentors.
    • Kids learn a bit more about Type 1 Diabetes and how to begin to help to take some responsibility for looking after themselves.
    • Parents get a break from daily diabetes care.
    • Most kids are nervous about coming along as they don’t know anyone, but the Leaders are there to look after everyone and make sure that everyone has heaps of fun and to help to make friends. By the end, none of the kids want to go home and they can’t wait for the next event!

    Registration opens about three months ahead of camp and is advertised on our website, our email newsletter, our Facebook page and through Starship clinics.

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