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Teen Escape 2019 – An Awesome Adventure!


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Twenty four slightly nervous teens and their parents arrived bright and early at Diabetes Auckland for Teen Camp check in. The ice breaker games started to warm everyone up, and after the bus ride everyone had talked to someone and people were starting to get to know each other. On arrival in Muriwai, the weather was a little wet, but everyone was in good spirits and looking forward to three days of fun and activities. Houghton’s Bush Camp in Muriwai was a great venue – except for the wildlife! However, we coped with a few spiders and wasps – more chances for bonding over some shared terror! Camp Manager Carla gets the award for the best response to a shower encounter with a wasp…

The first day was based around camp, with bush craft, rock wall climbing, confidence course and adventure games on the agenda. There were various skill levels and abilities, but the focus was on fun and on challenging yourself. Some people were proud to have done their first ever climbing session, others were rock climbing blindfolded (Go Emma)! The confidence course provided a climbing wall challenge too – Kenz made sure to set up a testing course in the follow the leader game, contorting his body to reach a series of impossible holds!

Tree Adventures was a highlight of the second day, spending time clipped into ziplines and rope climbs was a winner with everyone. Nurses and Camp Managers got involved too – and lots of friendships were formed during discussions as to the best route to take when hanging 10 metres up in the air! Along with Tree Adventures, there was a Woodhill Mountain Biking session. The Big Foot Adventures instructors were awesome, they had fantastic mountain biking tips and really connected with our group. A definite camp highlight was when two of the Big Foot instructors did finger pricks to check their blood sugar along with the Type 1 teens – even though neither of them had diabetes!

There was a fantastic surprise in the middle of our day at Woodhill, with our amazing Camp Manager, Andrew Good, being awarded a Seven Sharp and ASB Good as Gold award! Carla Canty, who’s the other half of the Camp Manager Dynamic Duo, was busy trying to coordinate a surprise ambush by a TV crew, whilst also running a camp! The TV crew were organised to arrive at Woodhill, but the bus with lunch was at Tree Adventures… Carla stood firm, calmly asked for the bus to be brought over and proceeded to get all the kids organised into seats around the barbecue tables. She then asked everyone to be quiet for some announcements, and stood at the front with Andrew – who admitted later that he thought Carla’s blood sugar was a bit low as she didn’t seem to actually have any announcements to make… Next moment he was ambushed by a man with a microphone giving him $10,000!

Evening sessions were spent with the Starship and DYA team and involved Diabetes based games and discussions, and again provided lots of opportunities for learning and bonding.

The final day dawned and with a clean up first on the list, there were some stars who shone through on the clean up teams (Tabea you were amazing)! Next up was a Pancake Race – and yes it involved eating pancakes! There were prizes awarded for presentation, teamwork and taste, with the Starship team very willing judges! Kayaking and a trip to Parakai Pools and McDonalds rounded out a big final day. Kayaking on a private lake surrounded by waterlilies and cows was beautiful and a lot of fun, there were some very competitive ‘friendly’ games. Relaxing in Parakai pools allowed the teens to chat about the fun they’d had over the previous three days – and to plan dinner at McDonalds. Wow, we learnt there’s a lot of carbs in those meals!

Finally it was back on the bus and time to return some exhausted but happy teens to their parents.


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Bears on the Summit

November is Diabetes Action Month! Join Diabetes Youth Auckland for a Teddy Bears Picnic on the Rangitoto summit!

Bring Jerry the Bear or your favourite ‘betic toy along and help create awareness of Type 1 Diabetes. (PS get your Jerry at

Setting off from the Downtown Ferry Terminal at 0915am and returning at approx 345pm. It will be a great day out meeting other families living with Diabetes, enjoying the natural beauty we have on our doorstep and building awareness of the things we do to live life well with T1D.

Diabetes Technology Series

Diabetes Technology Series
Tuesday 6th,13th & 20th November – 7.00pm to 9.30pm

Technology is rapidly changing, what does this mean for Diabetes? Join us for 3 evening sessions during November and learn about the Devices, Software and Advanced Tech that can be used as part of managing diabetes.

Sessions will be interactive so come with lots of questions!

Session 1 – Devices – 6/11
– Guest speakers to present on the new Insulin Pumps and CGM systems – what these are, how they work, how to get the most out of them.
– Miaomiao/Blucon

Session 2 – Software – 13/11
– Nightscout, Diasend, xDrip+, Spike, Glimp + other apps
– Setting up followers
– Where to go to get help on setting up

Session 3 – Advanced Tech – 20/11
– #wearenotwaiting movement – DIY Artificial Pancreas systems
– OpenAPS, AndroidAPS, Loop – what these are and how they are being used

Register for one or all the sessions below!

2019 Childrens Summer Camp

Square size

Celebrating 50 Years, our annual Childrens Summer camp is going to fill up quickly!


Feedback from a camper:

“Hi my name is Grace and this was my first Summer Camp. I was really nervous because I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t want to go, but once I got there I soon made friends. I’m really not an outside person but I LOVED CANOEING. I wasn’t so sure about abseiling and the crates as I’m not a fan of heights but I gave them a go anyway and felt really good about it. Another great thing about camp was learning to do my own injections. I am a needle phobe and I was adamant I wasn’t going to do them myself but the nurses were so encouraging that I managed to do it. I was so happy and so were my parents.”

Meet new friends

They’ll be surrounded by other people just like them and for once they won’t be the only one testing and injecting – the whole camp will! Don’t worry if they don’t know anyone before camp – most kids don’t. Summer Camp is the easiest way to meet kids of a similar age with diabetes and in many cases form friendships that help them through the teenage years and beyond. Once they’ve made friends here it makes it more fun to catch up with them at other Diabetes Youth Auckland events. If children feel a bit unsure about being away from home that’s not uncommon and our camp team are trained to make sure everyone feels comfortable and help them make new friends.

Build self confidence

Daytime activities are led by MERC’s team of professional instructors who teach a mixture of land and water based activities including sea kayaking, body boarding, archery plus lots of fun team based activities all designed to enhance self-esteem and confidence.

Gain independence with diabetes management

It’s a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn more about diabetes management and gain some independence. Safety is our top priority. A Starship diabetes doctor is always available and diabetes nurse specialists supervise all diabetes management of campers. They are supported by overnight nurses, a dietician, reps from medical companies and group leaders who are older teenagers or young adults with type 1 diabetes.

Take a break

While your child is having fun at camp this is also a time for parents and family to have “time out” from diabetes management. This may be the first time you’ve had an overnight break since your child was diagnosed. We want you to be able to relax secure in the knowledge that your child is being well supported in managing his/her diabetes.


Information Pack:

Click Here to download

To Apply:

Complete the online Application form and pay the deposit online at

2017 Teen Camp

Teen Camp 2017 (1)

Click here to read the Teen Camp information pack

It tells you more about the location, accommodation, food, camp staff, transport, costs & carer support, camp programme of activities and what to bring.

Click here to access the Teen Camp application form

To apply you need to complete an application form, medical form, risk consent form and declaration – all contained in the application form link.

Cost: $320 or $120 with Carer Support

Includes transport, 2 nights’ accommodation at Lakewood Lodge, meals and outdoor activities.

Limited to 30 places. Applications close 11 August 2017



Kelly Tarlton’s Sleepover Review

What was it like sleeping under the sharks? Stories from Brooke and Alex.

From Brooke, age 8:

The Kelly Tarlton Sleepover was my first get together with a diabetes group and I came along with my Mum. I have had type 1 diabetes for 12 weeks.

When we arrived we got shown around Kelly Tarltons by the staff. We went through Scott Base and learnt heaps of things. We fed fish and played a game in the dark finding sea life with our torches – that was fun. We also had to put our hands in a bucket of iced water – the boys lasted longer than the girls. It is normally the girls that win this challenge.

We set up our beds in the tunnel and got to sleep with the sharks, stingrays and other sea life swimming above. Most people in the group slept in the tunnel – it was heaps of fun and quiet in the part of the tunnel we slept in.

In the morning we got up and had breakfast, then we went and saw the penguins. These are one of my favourite animals. We then went to seahorse kingdom.

What a fun weekend. I got to know a boy from my school Alex better (we are the only 2 at school with Type 1 diabetes) and my Mum talked away to his Mum and other parents. Thanks to everyone that organised this night away. I am looking forward to Snow Planet next.

From Alex, age 10:

Hi, my name is Alex and I have had diabetes since I was 4 years old. This was my fourth time at the Kelly Tarltons one night sleepover. I had lots of fun, I even saw someone that goes to my school. Her name is Brooke.

I met lots of friends that I have gotten to know at other diabetes events. These friends are very special to me because we have a lot in common and we know how it feels to have diabetes.

My favourite part was when we learnt about the sealife plus the ice bucket challenge. We saw a turtle who had one of his legs bitten off by a shark. Kelly Tarltons are taking good care of him and nursing him back to good health. I hope he gets better soon and gets released back into the ocean.

We got to hand feed the fish and it was very stinky. My mum wouldn’t let me touch her with my stinky hands.

Mum and I slept in the tunnel under the crayfish. When the lights went out it felt quite mysterious – there were shadows in the water from the fish swimming around and the sealife felt bubbly.

Thank you Kelly Tarltons for letting the diabetes group sleepover. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for next year.


2017 Young Adult Camp

PastedGraphic-2Information Pack Youth Weekend 2017


This weekend is designed for young adults with diabetes to meet other people with type 1 diabetes and share experiences about living with the condition. It’s also about having a go at challenging physical activities, learning more about managing diabetes from other people living with type 1 and the diabetes medical team and most importantly having an adventure!


$100 – This is all you pay, the remaining cost of the camp is heavily subsidised by the fundraising efforts of DYA

For queries:


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