Zac has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes for nearly 8 years. Exercise is a key component to living a healthy balanced lifestyle with Type 1.

Entering the ASB kids Marathon for the first time has been great motivation to build in regular exercise prior to race day. It has been a positive way for Zac to give back to a cause that does so much for others.

As a family not wanting to feel burdened by his medical condition we want to stand up and make a difference. Running with purpose is all the more rewarding when supporting Diabetes NZ (Auckland Branch) which is close to our hearts.

Living with Type 1 means additional preparation before Zac runs. He always needs to check his blood sugars and have extra carb’s before exercise. For safety Zac needs to always have glucose tablets onboard in case his blood sugar drops rapidly.

He’s well through the goal of running the 40km prior to race day and we trust this event inspires other T1 kids to get involved.

Recently Zac competed in The Bays cross country with a solid 16th place between the 10 schools. This inspired him to keep pushing for more.

Type 1 is quite often an invisible condition that we support to ensure Zac has the opportunities of other kids around him. With parents who both exercise regularly this has inspired him to get involved.

Fundraising for Diabetes NZ has been humbling with friends and family getting behind Zac’s running. With a mix of social media we’ve lent on our friends and family for their support. This has allowed us to also share his journey.

With screen time so prevalent, encouraging your kids to exercise has so many positive benefits. This is something we love to encourage for Zac.