“My child has never met another kid with Type 1 Diabetes before.”

That was the recurring theme from the Under 6s catch up. How amazing for the kids to discover that other children had to do finger pricks and check blood sugars too. We did a group blood sugar check at the start before we let the kids loose on all the fun play equipment. Not only were there lots of kids with Type 1 diabetes, but Emma and Jess, two of the youth leaders, and one of the mums also had Type 1!

“Is this the bouncy castle party?”

There was lots of excitement to discover all the fun activities! Kids played and parents chatted and lots of new friendships were made. After about an hour, we paused for afternoon tea: ice cream, popcorn, chips, strawberries, watermelon, cheese and carrot sticks! There was some carb counting practice from the older children, 8+4=? Then it was back for more play!

Finally, (when they turned the lights out), it was time to tidy up – thanks to all the parents who helped out with dishes and clean up!

Hope to see you all at another event soon!