Read on to hear what Eden, age 9, thought…

The sky was getting dark and all I could hear was the wind whistling outside the car.  The closer we got to Kelly Tarltons, the more excited and nervous I started to feel.

When I jumped out of the car, that’s when the rain & wind hit me. I started to regret coming here because what if it was this cold inside?

All that regret disappeared when I walked inside and with my mum, dad and sister – and we were met with a room full of other parents and children!

There were some kids my age, some older and some younger.

I was so excited because I was in a room full of kids and I wasn’t the only one with Type 1 diabetes.  This was the first time ever that I have experienced this since I got diagnosed in September last year.

I’m finally not alone

There were other kids just like me, doing finger pricks, having insulin injections and counting carbs at supper & the next morning at breakfast.

I had the best time meeting the other kids and learning more who Kelly Tarlton’s was & about different types of fish, stingrays, sharks & penguins.  The penguins were my favourite-  they were so cute.

We were lucky because we were also able to feed the fish too.

When it was time to go to sleep and we laid out our sleeping mats, we were next to the fish tank with ‘Nemo’ & ‘Dory’ – that was so cool. I took some good pictures (with the flash off of course)

My little sister and I had a great sleep even though my mum & dad looked really tired in the morning

I was sad to leave in the morning. I was having so much fun and wanted to stay longer.
Thank you to Diabetes Youth Auckland & Kelly Tarltons for this cool experience. I learnt a lot and made new friends.  I had a great time and will remember this for a long time

I believe my parents now when they say that I’m not alone…because I’m really not