Rangitoto 1

Please share this story of our climb to the top of Rangitoto with your children!

Braving a slightly uncertain weather forecast, a large group of parents, kids and teddy bears gathered at the ferry terminal on Saturday 22nd February, ready to climb to the summit of Rangitoto. There was a passing shower as we waited at the ferry to board, but that soon cleared and left us with perfect conditions for the summit climb, slightly overcast and not too hot, but fine! 

The ferry trip was fast but noisy, as the engines kicked in once we were out in the harbour to quickly speed us across to Rangitoto. We spread out across the upper and lower decks and enjoyed the amazing views back to the city, with the Sky Tower prominent on the skyline. 

On our arrival at Rangitoto, we posed for a  group photo, then we set off through the volcanic rock. The path started with a gentle slope and the older kids raced ahead. We made a long snake-like trail of families, passing each other along the way as we stopped to read about the volcanic history of the island, take photos of the view, or stop for a drink or a quick carb snack. The steady uphill climb meant lots of extra carbs were needed! 

We reached the top slightly sweaty and out of breath, but very proud of our achievement and were rewarded with stunning views in all directions. After an early lunch we gathered the kids together for a teddy bears’ photo. Then it was time for the games. Both adults and kids joined in and there was lots of hilarity with teddy bears flying everywhere! 

Heading back down from the summit, the journey seemed so much shorter when it was downhill! Lots of people made the detour to the lava caves and braved the small dark rocky tunnel mouth to climb through to explore the cathedral-like caves beyond.  

At the base it was time for more food, a quick swim for some and an explore of the Bach Museum – complete with long drop! Finally the ferry arrived to transport lots of tired but happy Type 1s and their families back to the mainland. What a great day out! 

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