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Benefits of Family Camp

It was a very positive experience and great that it was also a very active one. My T1 really enjoyed meeting another T1 of similar age and interests * 

Family camp is for the whole family, come along and meet some other families with Type 1 diabetes!

Make new friends 

It’s a chance for your Type 1 child to make friends and meet others who are also checking blood sugars, injecting insulin before meals and dealing with the day to day issues of diabetes management. The more times they can come along to events and connect with others, the stronger those friendships will become. If they are not certain about coming along to a camp on their own, then this is a great start, as at this camp siblings and parents get the chance to come along and join in the fun!

Connect with others and share experiences 

Having a support network of people around you is essential, people who know what you’re going through and who just get it without needing an explanation. Family camp provides the opportunity for both parents and kids to gather around them a support network of other Type 1s who understand what it’s like living with diabetes.

Get outdoors and get active 

How often does your family get together and go on an adventure in one of our beautiful regional parks! Less than an hour away and full of beautiful beaches and wildlife, take the opportunity to come and explore and be led by experienced guides to try new outdoor activities. Make sure to show the kids this video which shows some of the exciting activities on offer at YMCA Shakespear Lodge: Click here for video!

Learn more about your Type 1 child’s diabetes 

Family camp is also a chance to increase your knowledge and understanding of diabetes, see how others manage their condition and what the latest advances in diabetes management are.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Family Camp!

*Feedback from one of our recent events.