Diabetes Technology Series
Tuesday 6th,13th & 20th November – 7.00pm to 9.30pm

Technology is rapidly changing, what does this mean for Diabetes? Join us for 3 evening sessions during November and learn about the Devices, Software and Advanced Tech that can be used as part of managing diabetes.

Sessions will be interactive so come with lots of questions!

Session 1 – Devices – 6/11
– Guest speakers to present on the new Insulin Pumps and CGM systems – what these are, how they work, how to get the most out of them.
– Miaomiao/Blucon

Session 2 – Software – 13/11
– Nightscout, Diasend, xDrip+, Spike, Glimp + other apps
– Setting up followers
– Where to go to get help on setting up

Session 3 – Advanced Tech – 20/11
– #wearenotwaiting movement – DIY Artificial Pancreas systems
– OpenAPS, AndroidAPS, Loop – what these are and how they are being used

Register for one or all the sessions below!