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    Living with diabetes – whether it’s type 1, type 2, gestational or pre-diabetes – can be challenging and at times, feel isolating. Being part of Diabetes NZ Auckland Branch brings together our diabetes communities. Membership ensures that those with diabetes and those who care for people with diabetes are supported in their journey to living life well. For a small annual cost, membership of our branch includes the following benefits:

    • Discounts at the diabetes supplies online store
    • Information and resources
    • Access to a network of support groups across Auckland
    • Auckland Branch can also act as an advocate for you, to ensure you get the help required to live life well

    There is no formal membership to Diabetes Youth Auckland. The most common way people join our database is when a child is newly diagnosed at Starship and the Diabetes Team give us their contact details with the family’s permission.

    Any person under 25 years living in the Auckland region is welcome to contact us to receive electronic updates and news at no cost.

    However, we strongly encourage our families to become a member of Diabetes NZ Auckland Branch, which Diabetes Youth Auckland is part of. Without the Auckland Branch we would not be able to successfully operate the youth division. They are integral to our continued delivery of quality programmes targeted to meet the needs of the diabetes youth community.

    Join our community on the link below.

    happy family

    Join through Diabetes NZ national website, please remember to choose Auckland branch when filling out this form.


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