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  • Living well with diabetes

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    Diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease that impacts on almost every aspect of life. It has become one of New Zealand’s leading health problems, currently affecting over 225,000 people with more than 20 more Aucklanders being diagnosed each day.

    Finding out you have diabetes can be upsetting. You may find you experience many different emotions and feel anxious, sad or angry about developing diabetes. Learning to manage your diabetes starts with knowing what you can do to feel better and stay healthy.

    Living and coping with diabetes can be difficult. The good news is you can live a long and healthy life by controlling your blood glucose levels. You can do this by:

    Living well with diabetes is about making good lifestyle choices and recognising there are things you can control.

    Who can help you?

    If you live in Auckland, here at the Auckland Branch we can provide you with support and information. Your health-care team is also there to assist and support you. Depending on your needs and the resources available in your community, your team may include a family doctor, nurse, dietitian, Green Prescription advisor, diabetes educator, foot care specialist and eye care specialist. They can provide support and information on how to manage diabetes and work with you to adjust your food plan, exercise and medication.

    It is also important to talk to others who have diabetes. Find out more information about the local support groups in your area or taking part in a Living Life Well with Diabetes Roadshow.


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