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    HOPE Programme to help prevent diabetes

    The HOPE programme from Diabetes NZ Auckland Branch is a diabetes prevention programme delivered face-to-face in community settings, and also online! Our whānau centred programme has been running for 10 years, helping people who are or may have pre-diabetes, are affected by diabetes in their family history or want to have a healthier lifestyle.

    The HOPE Programme is broken down into easy to understand topics, and ultimately helps you create your own family action plan, so you can take control of your health and make long-lasting changes for you and your whānau.


    HOPE@Home is our online version of the HOPE Programme. When New Zealand went into lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we shifted our course to online communities and called it: HOPE@Home. This has become a great way to continue empowering people about their health and surprised us by attracting people of different age groups and people outside of Auckland.

    HOPE@Home has the same content and aim as the regular HOPE programme: To foster healthier lifestyles amongst ‘at risk’ communities, leading to a reduction in the incidence of diabetes and diabetes complications. We have HOPE champions who deliver the programme in their own communities and closed Facebook groups.

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    Is HOPE or HOPE@Home right for you?

    If you’ve been looking to learn more about diabetes, have a history of diabetes in your family, or are wondering about prediabetes, then the HOPE programme is for you. It’s fun and interactive with a mixture of easy to understand information about the causes and symptoms of type 2, our unique cultural values and practices, and staying active and the right kind of diet for diabetes. Putting it all together is what makes the HOPE programme so powerful.

    When you join a group, you become part of an active community that supports, challenges and encourages you to make long-term lifestyle changes that lead to healthier lifestyles for the whole family/whānau. Ask any questions, share ideas, be inspired! We cover three main topics, and have shared resources, great video content and simple quizzes to keep you on your toes!

    What you can get from HOPE

    ✓ Supportive and active community

    ✓ Expert teaching and advice

    ✓ Practical tools and resources you can use at home

    ✓ Simple to follow exercise plans

    ✓ HOPE that you can take control of your health!

    ✓ Ongoing support and community after the course is complete

    ✓ Better health and well being for you and your family

    Valentine, a HOPE participant

    Meet Valentine, a past participant

    Valentine is of Cook Island, Tongan and Niuean descent. She is a mother of five and has a family history of diabetes to the extent that her grandmother has not long to live. She is a community worker at the Clendon Pride Project and she knows how important health and well-being are. 

    She attended the HOPE programme to learn more about diabetes and to see if she has the disease. She was surprised to learn about the sugar content in certain foods and drinks, and that you don’t have to be rich to cook healthy food. The most helpful and amazing thing she learnt at HOPE was that a family history of diabetes doesn’t guarantee you’ll get it. Equipped with a range of recipes and knowledge on how to keep her and her family healthy, Valentine is inspired to make changes. Valentine now strives for a future where her family are all healthy and active – preventing diabetes for future generations. The words that sum up the HOPE programme for Valentine are: Free, helpful and fun.

    What do you learn through HOPE?

    The HOPE course has a lot of information and topics, but we break these down into four key areas:

    1. What is diabetes and who we are? (video presentation)
    2. Healthy food choices and cultural value of food (cooking demonstration on video)
    3. Practical fun activities for families (exercise on video)
    4. Family action plan (4-week challenge)

    Each course is different and we adapt our content – especially online – depending on the types of things participants want to know and find most useful.


    If you’re ready to get started, leave us a message on Facebook, send us an email, or fill in the form on the right. Your journey of HOPE starts today!

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