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  • HOPE Programme


    HOPE is a Family / Whānau centred health promotion programme which has been running for 10 years!

    It’s delivered in community settings over four sessions which ultimately creates a family action plan to reach HOPE’s goal of fostering healthier lifestyles.

    These sessions cover:

    Who we are and cultural traditions
    Presentation of key information
    Practical fun activities for families
    Physical activity
    The cultural value of food and generational patterns
    Hands on cooking demonstration

    HOPE empowers existing communities e.g. churches, maraes, sports groups and community centres by training key community people to deliver the HOPE programme, working together as a group in moving toward a healthy, active lifestyle.

    The aim of HOPE is to foster healthier lifestyles among ‘at-risk’ communities, leading to a reduction in the incidence of diabetes and diabetes complications.

    This occurs through the following:

    Level 1: Train the Trainer for Cultural Champions

    An annual HOPE Train the Trainer to produce Cultural Champions equipped to deliver HOPE programmes tailored to the needs of their ‘at risk’ communities

    Level 2: Cultural Champions delivering HOPE in their community with  Auckland Branch supervision

    Empowerment of communities ‘at risk’ by providing them with HOPE training, culturally appropriate resources, tools and skills required to make long term lifestyle changes that lead to healthier lifestyles for the whole family/ whānau

    Level 3: Cultural Champions delivering their own HOPE with minimal support from the Auckland Branch

    Cultural champions engaging with at least a minimum of 30 to 50 families across 5 different communities annually for ages 13 to 90 years

    If you are interested in participating in our HOPE Program, please email


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