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    We provide a range of services to engage with local communities throughout Auckland, raising awareness of diabetes and helping people to make the necessary lifestyle changes in order to reduce their risk factors. We also work with youth with Diabetes Youth Auckland. These services include:

    • Mobile Diabetes Awareness Service van that allows us to engage directly with communities across the city, providing information and advice to those living with diabetes and raising awareness to the general public.


    •  HOPE program (Healthy Options = Positive Eating) that provides information on small changes that can be made at home to help families live and eat healthier.


    • Support Groups that provide peer support throughout Auckland. We have 12 Support Groups that are active across Auckland that meet monthly. Our groups are a place of common ground where those living with diabetes can find solace, education and friendship.

    Diabetes Youth Auckland provides vital support and services aimed at families and the 800+ young people living with diabetes aged up to 25 years, most of whom have type 1 diabetes. We operate with Diabetes NZ Auckland Branch and supported by the work of a volunteer committee.

    We provide an opportunity for children to meet with other kids their age also living with diabetes as well as siblings and parents. This is an important aspect of any young person dealing with a diagnosis, learning that they are not alone and can still live their life to the full!

    • Camps for children, teenagers and families


    •  Events such as sleepovers at Kelly Tarlton’s, Rainbow’s End by Night and Butterfly Creek


    •  Support though parent social support evenings, starter packs and peer support


    • Education evenings in conjunction with Starship Children’s Health Diabetes Service

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    Youth Donations

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