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    Diabetes Youth Auckland (DYA) provides vital support and services aimed at families and the 900 + young people living with diabetes aged up to 25 years, most of whom have type 1 diabetes.

    We’re part of Diabetes New Zealand Auckland Branch but run by a separate volunteer committee dedicated to youth services.

    No other chronic condition is as oppressive as type 1 diabetes. In one year a young teenager will have typically faced more than 1,000 injections and performed over 2,000 blood glucose finger prick tests. While other chronic conditions in young people may be more visible, more disabling, have greater daily symptoms and be more life-threatening, type 1 diabetes is relentless and so often misunderstood by non -sufferers.

    DYA designs programmes that support the social, psychological, physical and educational needs of young people and their families that can be life changing in their attitude to living positively with diabetes.

    These include:

    Camps: for children, teenagers and families

    Events: examples include Action World, Rangitoto Island walk, sleepover at Kelly Tarlton’s, Rainbow’s End by Night, Butterfly Creek

    Support: parent social support evenings, starter packs, peer support

    Education/information: DYA Press magazine, DYA website, education evenings in conjunction with Starship Children’s Health Diabetes Service.

    For more information about DYA and the events and support services they provide– head to their homepage


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