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Kerre McIvor and Dr Michael Mosley discuss his work


Dr Michael Mosley visited Auckland on Sunday, March 7th to discuss his latest book, ‘The Eight Week Blood Sugar Diet’ and discuss just how serious an issue diabetes is.

Diabetes NZ Auckland Branch were delighted to welcome renowned journalist and author Dr Michael Mosley to Auckland for an event that promoted his latest book, ‘The Eight Week Blood Sugar Diet’. Dr Mosley – author of several successful publications including ‘The Fast Diet’ – spoke to an audience of over 200 at Diocesan School for Girls on a range of health issues, most notably the threat of diabetes and what people can do to make significant lifestyle choices that will benefit their long-term health.

Hosted by Newstalk ZB journalist Kerre McIvor, the event allowed Dr Mosley to expand on many of the themes found in his books, such as general misconceptions about the balance of diet and exercise, the importance of accessing the right information about what we eat and the understanding that different people require different approaches towards achieving their health and lifestyle goals.


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Dr Mosley signs copies of his book for the evening’s guests


A spirited question and answer session was held following Dr Mosley and Kerre McIvor’s discussion, which saw a diverse range of questions from the floor, coming from those directly affected by diabetes and the resulting health problems. Diabetes NZ Auckland Branch has a responsibility to provide information and awareness to all Aucklanders regarding health, wellbeing and diabetes. Although the event was not an endorsement of Dr Mosley’s work, it did provide for discussion and debate, and a greater understanding of what is information is out there for those concerned about their health in any way.

An interview conducted with Dr Mosley by Diabetes NZ Auckland Branch will be posted on our website shortly, which sees Dr Mosley expand on his ideas specifically relating to diabetes and what he sees as the main challenges facing Aucklanders.


Diabetes NZ Auckland wishes to thank Dr Michael Mosley and Kerre McIvor for their time. We would also like to thank Annah Stretton, My Food Bag, Club Physical and Elizabeth Arden for providing the evening’s raffle prizes, as well as Nosh and NZ Natural who provided food and drink for the event.