We are all meant to move, and now Diabetes NZ is making sure Aucklanders can, with a free activity day in health and fitness facilities.

Exercise and good nutrition are key to reducing your risk of diabetes, or to help manage the condition. Diabetes NZ has teamed up with more than 35 YMCAs, pools and gyms around New Zealand to encourage everyone to play their part in tackling the country’s fastest-growing health crisis.

More than a quarter of a million New Zealanders have diabetes – with 40 additional people diagnosed every day in New Zealand.

Diabetes Action Month culminates in the Diabetes NZ Fitbit MoveMeant Day this Saturday, November 28, with everyone welcome to participate in a range of free activities.

Diabetes NZ is committed to fighting the epidemic and aims to compel the nation to be more aware of their risk factors for diabetes; and to create ways for communities to take action and “Join the MoveMeant”.

The number of New Zealanders with diabetes has doubled from 125,000 to 257,000 in the past 10 years. One in four people in NZ is estimated to have prediabetes, and in the majority of cases, their risk of developing diabetes can be improved through adopting a healthy lifestyle of exercise and a nutritious diet. A person’s risk of progressing from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes can be roughly halved if they lose weight, change their diet, increase exercise and/or have drug treatment.

Diabetes NZ Chief Executive Steve Crew says: “We are all naturally meant to move, we want to motivate everyone who can to make a positive change by getting active on November 28 and beyond.”

Auckland residents can “Join the MoveMeant” by participating in Diabetes NZ Fitbit MoveMeant Day on Saturday, across Auckland between 7.00am and 6.00pm.

All health and fitness facilities will host a free open days with access to exercise classes and use of facility equipment

 “It’s important we offer practical ways for people to increase their level of exercise and we’re grateful for the support of these facilities who have helped make this initiative possible,” Crew says. “We hope those who join us on November 28 are inspired to continue with a healthy lifestyle as it will improve their risk factors for diabetes or if they have diabetes – type 1 or type 2 – help them manage their condition. Collectively, we can improve our nation’s health.”

For more information, please visit our website or Facebook page. A full list of MoveMeant Day venues and times can be found here.