Apple Watch will monitor blood glucose levels.

People will be able to use the Apple Watch to monitor their blood sugar levels, The Wall Street Journal finds.The Apple Watch is a wearable smartwatch device from Apple.The app is designed by DexCom, a company that develops manufactures and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management.Blood glucose levels will be displayed on the Watch in the form of a graph, and it uses a miniature sensor placed under the wearer’s skin to measure glucose levels every five minutes, the Journal writes.

The goal, as the Journal puts it, is to help those with diabetes read their glucose levels easily and quickly, by just simply glancing at the watch.The app will be available approximately at the same time when the Watch hits the shelves, which is in April 2015.But getting an app to monitor glucose into the watch was not a simple task, as such apps require regulatory approvals.The American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considered glucose-related apps to be Class III, meaning they needed the highest level of approval, but they changed it for apps that simply display data on mobile devices. Read more here.